How to buy and sell your home at the same time in the East Bay: Option 4

10 Ideas for how to buy and sell at the same time in the East Bay Area Option 4

Seller Financing


Here's another option for you. If you're worried about buying and selling at the same time.  Especially, if you're concerned about the mortgage process and applying for a mortgage on a new home, all while you have a mortgage on your existing home. Whether you own your home outright, or maybe you don't meet the current loan qualification guidelines for one reason or another, asking a seller to finance the cost of the home is actually another option that would allow you to accomplish your goals.


Sometimes sellers are willing to sell their home to a buyer using a private loan agreement with the buyer. It could be for a long-term position, similar to a home mortgage for 10, 15, 30 years, with the agreed upon terms for the loan, or maybe it could be for a short-term loan while the buyer sells their existing home and they get money out of their home to pay off the seller. Either way, seller financing is a super creative way for a buyer to buy a new home while they already own their home and their equity is tied up in their departing house. If you're looking to get some creative ideas for how to buy and sell at the same time, visit us at


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