How to buy and sell your home at the same time in the East Bay: Option 1

10 Ideas for how to buy and sell at the same time in the East Bay Area Option 1


Buy New Construction


The Biggest question I get asked all the time is, "Lis, how do I buy a new home while I'm still living in my existing home?” All of my equity and my things are still in the home as well? And, what if I don’t have enough time to find a new home to move to.


One option is to consider purchasing a NEW CONSTRUCTION HOME. Right here in the East Bay area, after a new construction home is contracted and put into escrow, it could be 6 to 18 months before you actually move in to the new home. These homes are usually built out with your specific finish selections, or it may even be a spec home built with the developer’s upgraded designer selections. Every once in a while, I'll see a home that is built as a builder's model that's highly upgraded, and the developer is trying to sell the model homes before they phase out the construction project.


There are a couple benefits to buying new construction in the Bay Area:

  • After you've been pre-approved by the developer’s lender, there is usually a good chance that you'll have the opportunity to purchase the home without any competition.
  • Additionally, you may even have contingencies that can be kept in place, like say, mortgage or an appraisal contingency. Generally, the amount of time to close and move into your new construction home will allow you enough lead time to prep your home for market and to get it sold for as much money as possible. So, if you're considering buying a new construction home or you're looking to sell your existing home and do them both at the same time, just reach out to us at, we can help you create the perfect solution to buy and sell the same time.

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